Difference between the two roller coating machine and three roller coating machine
This articles descripts the different and their own advantage and disadvantage between 2 roller coating machine and 3 roller coating machine in color coating line.more details please see follow:
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1. Two coating methods of the two roller coating machine

1.1   Forward coating method

forward coating_coating machine.jpg

Advantage:  less wear and tear for the roller, less change roller.

Disadvantage: less coating weight, poor surface roughness (forward coating mainly used for coating prime and back coating)

reverse coating_coating machine.jpg

1.2  Reverse coating method

reverse coating method.JPG

Advantage: high coating weight with beautiful and smooth coating surface.

Disadvantage: large wear and tear for the coating roller, change more rollers.

reverse coating_coating machine.jpg

3.  Three roller coating method

Full reverse method

three roller reverse method.JPG

Advantage: Higher coating weight, better coating surface

Disadvantage: Coating amount is not easy to grasp.

(this three roller reverse coating method is mainly used fo refrigerator door panel, whiteboard and other top grade products

three roller coating.JPG

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