overview of industry developement of color coating line
The development of color coating line industry is fast,The general situation is as follows:
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    Color coating line industry In terms of regional production, production in huadong is far ahead accouted for 71.77% percent by the end of 2017.then is huadong,the xinan and xibei is very low production.


    Bebefit of upgrading of national industrail structure and the construction of strategic emerging industries.domestic market demand of color coating line is rising year by year.the development of dowstream industries such as construction industry、decration industry、and home appliance industry has driven the high-speed growth of color coating demand in the early years of this century,but due to lack of domestic production capacity,the domestic market supply and demand imbalance.so it needs to import a lot from abroad.china downstream of color coating demand  is major in constructure industry,it accouted over 85%.meanwhile ,in the home appliance、automobile industryand other strategic emerging industries is upgrading gradually.with the improvement of the performance requirements of the downstream customers,the demand of color coating line like have energy saving environmental protection, high cleanliness, high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, antistatic fuction.

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